Revitalizing Body Scrub Ressourcé Lightly Perfumed

100 ml

45,00 Tax incl.

The body scrub with tartaric salt grains gently exfoliates the skin without any tugging effect thanks to the vegetal oils that compose it.


    Our Ressourcé Body Scrub is a new concept from Maison Éole to remove impurities and dead skin cells gently. The exfoliating properties of our cream are based on the use of tartaric salt grains, natural salts from grapes harvested in our vats at Le Chant d’Éole. These tiny grains ensure a gentle, non-irritating exfoliation of the skin, with no tautness after rinsing. You start your day with clear skin and a fresh complexion.

    Mainly made of highly moisturising grape seed oil, its texture is light and creamy at the same time. This exfoliating balm literally melts into your skin to reveal the tiny crystals of tartaric salt. Its unique formulation ensures that dead skin is removed and the skin is left feeling supple. Your skin feels new, soft, and replenished.

    Our Ressourcé scrub delicately perfumes your skin. Let yourself be carried away by the notes of vine leaves, absinthes, angelica, but also amber wood and patchouli. An elegant fragrance that will accompany you all day long.

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