What does the Natural Certified label mean?

The Natural Certified label is awarded to cosmetics for which at least 90% of the ingredients are of natural origin. This label is based on the guidelines established by the international standard ISO 16218, which defines the categories of ingredients and the framework for calculating the content of ingredients of natural origin.

Biorius, an international expert in cosmetics regulation, evaluates the list of components characterised as the basis of skin care products in terms of origin, health safety, and performance. From this analysis, the experts determine the percentage of natural ingredients.

Clearly identified on the packaging by a logo, Maison Éole cosmetics are Natural Certified. This label assures you of the natural origin of the raw materials.

The traceability of each ingredient also supports the claims. Consequently, the consumer is never fooled when buying.

Natural Certified products, an ethical choice

Choosing a natural cosmetic with the Natural Certified label is an ethical choice. Indeed, you offer your skin the best in terms of active ingredients with the guarantee that your cream or serum is free of toxic substances from petrochemicals.

This label also assures consumers that cosmetics are not tested on animals. This success was achieved thanks to pressure from consumers and animal rights groups.

Buying Maison Éole cosmetics means making an informed choice about a quality cosmetic that respects your skin and the environment.

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