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Antioxidant Day Cream Sublimé Neutral Perfume

50 ml

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The Neutral Atioxidant Day Cream deeply moisturizes your skin and smoothes out wrinkles thanks to grapevines’ unique antioxidant composition.

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    Antioxidant Day Cream Sublimé will revive your skin complexion thanks to its natural components derived from the vine. Its unique formulation relies on the use of Wine Extracts3, an antioxidant ingredient that provides your skin with superior and visible protection against skin ageing. Highly concentrated in natural polyphenol, the anti-ageing power of this day cream will keep its promise to erase skin imperfections and fill wrinkles day after day. Its formulation is carefully studied to deliver an immediate tightening effect, while agave nectar extracts ensure a mattifying and plumping result. Prodigiously moisturising, your skin is nourished, redensified, and sublimated to start your day with a radiant complexion.

    This light day cream slowly penetrates the dermis and promotes the synthesis of collagen, the protein that ensures the elasticity of our skin. Its covering power will leave you with an impression of softness. Slightly pink, it does not colour the skin or stain your clothes.

    This cream is suitable for all skin types and quickly penetrates the dermis for deep and long-lasting hydration.

    Go back to nature with this neutral-scented formulation for your morning beauty ritual. Let yourself be seduced by the fragrance of the natural components of your antioxidant moisturiser. Discreet and delicate, this pure expression of nature blends divinely with the use of our Decongesting Eye Serum Etincelé.

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