Our skin is actually constantly facing external aggressors such as pollution and make-up. In the summer, sweat adds up to that mix. 

Therefore, cleasing your skin on a daily basis is crucial and helps to remove any remaining dirt particles, sebum excess and dead skin cells. 

If they are not properly removed, these external aggressors amass and can spark rashes, early skin ageing and dehydration. 

What is more, applying an active product (such as Wine extracts3) to dirty skin would not have any beneficial effect. Dirt particles prevent products from thoroughly penetrating the skin and eventually mitigates their efficiency. 

Ideally, you should cleanse your skin twice a day, in the morning and before bed, with an appropriate cleansing milk.

Maison Eole offers a gentle cleanser that is rich in antioxidants extracted from the vine, that deeply cleanses your skin and prevents skin ageing.

✨Its milky texture (and not lotion texture) deeply nourishes your skin

✨Its pH5 formula doesn’t irritate the skin and eyes

✨It cleanses your skin in one go (efficiently removes make-up)

✨It supplies your skin with essential fatty acids, especially thanks to grape seed oil

✨It combats skin ageing

Gently apply the emulsion to your eyes and face, using the bamboo-cotton make-up remover pads until total removal of your make-up.

Perfect your facial treatment with the Anti-Wrinkle Eye Serum Etincelé to prolong the antioxidant effects, and with the regenerating and redensifying night cream Eternité.

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